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Located just 7 miles south and 1 mile east of Stanley, North Dakota, E & E Beef Company is a 3rd and 4th generation Farm & Ranch. We run a commercial cow/calf operation along with a small registered Red Angus Herd. Additionally, we raise and market retail beef right off the farm!
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Our Cattle

Our cow herd consists of primarily commercial red angus cows with a small group of registered red angus cows. Utilizing a red angus foundation allows us to produce practical and maternally driven replacement heifers while maintaining carcass quality and growth in the market calves. We also utilize Hereford sires to produce elite F1 Baldy replacements that are marketed as Premium Red Baldies through the tagging program with the Red Angus and Hereford Associations.
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Our retail Beef

Nothing is better than home raised beef! That is why every animal that we send to the processor comes right off our own ranch. You can rest assured, knowing you are supporting one local ranch all the way from pasture to plate! You will never have to question what inputs go into your beef products again. Our beef cattle are raised primarily on a forage-based diet and then transitioned into a finishing grain ration to obtain the highest quality carcass merit.
Retail Beef

E&E Beef Company

Welcome to E & E Beef Company. Here we strive to produce practical cattle that are maternally driven without scarification carcass and growth. It is a true testament to our practices by seeing the quality within the retail beef we sell. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in producing the best quality cattle within our capabilities. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and we look forward to visiting with you soon!

We stand behind our brand

When you purchase Cattle or Beef from E & E Beef Company, you are buying a piece of us. 100% Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we whole-heartedly stand behind our brand!

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Dylan Enger
Jim Enge
7885 56th St NW
Stanley, North Dakota 58784


Dylan: 701-629-8926
Jim: 701-629-1730​

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